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Monthly Archives: August 2015

  • USA Weightlifting Nationals 2015

    The nations best weightlifters gathered for a weekend of spectacular lifts in both the snatch and clean and jerk. VIRUS Intl. had a strong presence at this years USA Weightlifting Senior National's August 13-16 at the Dallas Hilton Anatole, Texas.

    Some results below:


    • 56kg Darren Barnes, Snatch Gold, CJ Gold, Total Gold
    • 62kg Sean Hutchinson, Snatch Silver, CJ Bronze, Total Silver
    • 62kg Aaron Addison, CJ Silver, Total Bronze
    • 69kg Mike Szela, CJ Bronze
    • 94kg Colin Burns, Snatch Silver
    • 105kg Donovan Ford, Snatch Gold, CJ Silver, Total Gold
    • 105kg+ Caine Wilkes, Snatch Gold, CJ Gold, Total Gold


    • 48kg Hayley Reichardt, CJ Bronze
    • 58kg Cortney Batchelor, Snatch Bronze, CJ Silver, Total Silver
    • 58kg Charis Chan, CJ Bronze
    • 63kg Jaclyn Long, CJ Bronze, Total Bronze
    • 75kg Jesse Bradley, Snatch Gold, Tottal Bronze

    Click here for full results

    Check out the awesome photos below by the one and only Nat Arem of Hookgrip.


    Colin Burns Colin Burns
    Joan Kuheim Joan Kuheim
    Darren Barnes Darren Barnes
    Darren Barnes Darren Barnes
    Alyssa Ritchey Alyssa Ritchey
    Alyssa Ritchey Alyssa Ritchey
    Lindsey Stroker Lindsey Stroker
    Lauren Rutan Lauren Rutan
    Mike Szela Mike Szela
    Charis Chan Charis Chan
    Jilly Jaworske Jilly Jaworske
    Tiffany Everett Tiffany Everett
    Jacky Bigger Jacky Bigger
    Cherisse Taylor Cherisse Taylor
    Jaclyn Long Jaclyn Long
    Elle St. Charles Elle St. Charles
    94c 94c
    94c 94c
    David McKellar David McKellar
    Charis Chan Charis Chan
    Charis Chan Charis Chan
    69B 69B
    Rachel Szakmary Rachel Szakmary
    Jennifer Schrage Jennifer Schrage


    Rachel Davis Rachel Davis
    Jessie Bradley Jessie Bradley
    Tasha Schmidt Tasha Schmidt
    Danielle Hudes Danielle Hudes
    Cain Wilkes Cain Wilkes
    Donovan Ford Donovan Ford
    David Garcia David Garcia
    Cain Wilkes Cain Wilkes
    Sean Hutchinson Sean Hutchinson
    David Garcia David Garcia
    Donovan Ford Donovan Ford
    Reena Tenerio Reena Tenerio
    Reena Tenorio Reena Tenorio
    Melissa Villanueva Melissa Villanueva
    Trevor Britton Trevor Britton
    Richard Redus Richard Redus
    Douglas Shuttleworth Doug Shuttleworth
    Coard Wilkes Coard Wilkes
    Hayley Reichardt Hayley Reichardt
    Meghan Valentine Meghan Valentine
    Kimberly McLeish Kimberly McLeish
    Gina Giannetti Gina Giannetti
    Sarah Carter Sarah Carter
    Vanessa Reyes Long Vanessa Reyes 
    Courtney Batchelor Courtney Batchelor
    Courtney Batchelor Courtney Batchelor
    Vanessa Reyes Long Vanessa Reyes
    Kristen Jones Kristen Jones
    Tanner Reichardt Tanner Reichardt
    Mike Szela Mike Szela
    Aaron Addison Aaron Addison
    Sean Hutchinson Sean Hutchinson
    Colin Burns Colin Burns
    Colin Burns Colin Burns



    Jeremy Reguerin Jeremy Reguerin
    77c 77c
    105b 105b
  • Motorsports Vteam Update

  • Motorsports Vteam Update

    As the most of the VIRUS motorsport Vteam athlete’s season are winding down for the summer, they are still focused on finishing with strong results. In the road race category PJ Jacobson got his first win of his career in the World Supersport Champion in Sepang, Malaysia last weekend and James Rispoli pulled off a second at in the British Supersport series. It awesome to see these two American killing it abroad! On American soil JD Beach has been dominating the Supersport class in MotoAmerica and looking to continue his winning streak this weekend at Indy. Hayden Gillim has been getting used to his new ride and is improving his results with each race.



    FullSizeRender(18)        FullSizeRender(19)                          JAMES RISPOLI                                             RISPOLI 2ND PLACE!

    FullSizeRender(14)      FullSizeRender(13)


    In the motocross world we had two of our women Vteam athletes compete in the legendary Loretta Lynn MX Nationals in Tennessee. Mackenzie Tricker and Jessica Patterson battle for the championship number 1 plate over the week with Tricker coming out on top and taking the overall title. After an off weekend in the Lucas Oil MX Nationals they will be back in Unadilla this weekend. Vteam athlete Justin Bogle is making his return after injuring himself at the first round in Sacramento. He will race the last three round on a 450 and use the experience for his official move up to the 450 class in 2016. Vteam athlete Davi Millsaps just signed with BTO Sports for 2016 and will be at the Monster Cup in Las Vegas in October to defend his title. Wil Hahn is out of action right now with a practice injury. We look forward to his speedy recovery. Team Tedder’s Dakota Tedder is back on the bike after being out all year with a hand injury. He is excited to get started testing and prepping for 2016.

    image1      image3


    FullSizeRender(22)      DAVImBTO

    BOGLE BACK IN ACTION ON A 450!                    MILLSAPS NEW TEAM FOR 2016.

    Vteam Athletes Josh Strang and Jessica Patterson are on summer break from the Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) Series and will resume racing in late September. This has been a good time for them to recover from injuries and rebuild for the last four rounds. Strang looks to get back on the podium after a shoulder injury set him back.

    FullSizeRender(23)      FullSizeRender(24)

    JOSH STRANG                                                       JESICCA PATTERSON

    Brandon Robinson has been putting in some good rides on the flat track circuit. He has training hard with Team 95 consisting of JD Beach & Hayden Gillim to help improve his fitness for the races and looks to make a good run at the last races of the year.





  • 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games

    Virus was proud to be apart of the activities at this years 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games at the Stub Hub Center in Carson, California. Individual and team competition went on for four straight days in the sunny California heat after finally crowning champions on Sunday July 28th.

    Olympic gold medalist Aleksey Torokhtiy was in attendance to demo the Snatch next to the Virus booth. Torokhtiy was the Ukranian 105kg gold medalist totaling 412kg in 2012

    Check out some results below

    16th Elijah Muhammad
    18th Jon Pera
    32nd Travis Williams
    36th Jordan Cook
    38th Joe Scali

    14th Brooke Ence
    26th Cassidy Lance
    35th Lindy Barber

    4th Crossfit 808
    25th Crossfit Jaakarhu
    38th Crossfit Terminus
    40th Back Country Black

    Photos by @paleofatkid @funning

    Dmitry Klokov and Aleksey TorokhtiyC&k @PaleoFatkid-007811754718_1046708092008173_5178075544720145935_oC&k @PaleoFatkid-0087


    IMG_3151IMG_3259IMG_316511705813_1046714025340913_6458388789745810349_o  IMG_3155IMG_3135IMG_3270IMG_3252 IMG_3264 IMG_3263

  • Hawaii's Elite

    Check out UFC fighters Louis Smolka and Russell Doane as they prepare for their weekend of fights on July 11th and 12th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Video by MMA Interviews

    Click here for full video


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