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  • USA Weightlifting Nationals 2015

    The nations best weightlifters gathered for a weekend of spectacular lifts in both the snatch and clean and jerk. VIRUS Intl. had a strong presence at this years USA Weightlifting Senior National's August 13-16 at the Dallas Hilton Anatole, Texas.

    Some results below:


    • 56kg Darren Barnes, Snatch Gold, CJ Gold, Total Gold
    • 62kg Sean Hutchinson, Snatch Silver, CJ Bronze, Total Silver
    • 62kg Aaron Addison, CJ Silver, Total Bronze
    • 69kg Mike Szela, CJ Bronze
    • 94kg Colin Burns, Snatch Silver
    • 105kg Donovan Ford, Snatch Gold, CJ Silver, Total Gold
    • 105kg+ Caine Wilkes, Snatch Gold, CJ Gold, Total Gold


    • 48kg Hayley Reichardt, CJ Bronze
    • 58kg Cortney Batchelor, Snatch Bronze, CJ Silver, Total Silver
    • 58kg Charis Chan, CJ Bronze
    • 63kg Jaclyn Long, CJ Bronze, Total Bronze
    • 75kg Jesse Bradley, Snatch Gold, Tottal Bronze

    Click here for full results

    Check out the awesome photos below by the one and only Nat Arem of Hookgrip.


    Colin Burns Colin Burns
    Joan Kuheim Joan Kuheim
    Darren Barnes Darren Barnes
    Darren Barnes Darren Barnes
    Alyssa Ritchey Alyssa Ritchey
    Alyssa Ritchey Alyssa Ritchey
    Lindsey Stroker Lindsey Stroker
    Lauren Rutan Lauren Rutan
    Mike Szela Mike Szela
    Charis Chan Charis Chan
    Jilly Jaworske Jilly Jaworske
    Tiffany Everett Tiffany Everett
    Jacky Bigger Jacky Bigger
    Cherisse Taylor Cherisse Taylor
    Jaclyn Long Jaclyn Long
    Elle St. Charles Elle St. Charles
    94c 94c
    94c 94c
    David McKellar David McKellar
    Charis Chan Charis Chan
    Charis Chan Charis Chan
    69B 69B
    Rachel Szakmary Rachel Szakmary
    Jennifer Schrage Jennifer Schrage


    Rachel Davis Rachel Davis
    Jessie Bradley Jessie Bradley
    Tasha Schmidt Tasha Schmidt
    Danielle Hudes Danielle Hudes
    Cain Wilkes Cain Wilkes
    Donovan Ford Donovan Ford
    David Garcia David Garcia
    Cain Wilkes Cain Wilkes
    Sean Hutchinson Sean Hutchinson
    David Garcia David Garcia
    Donovan Ford Donovan Ford
    Reena Tenerio Reena Tenerio
    Reena Tenorio Reena Tenorio
    Melissa Villanueva Melissa Villanueva
    Trevor Britton Trevor Britton
    Richard Redus Richard Redus
    Douglas Shuttleworth Doug Shuttleworth
    Coard Wilkes Coard Wilkes
    Hayley Reichardt Hayley Reichardt
    Meghan Valentine Meghan Valentine
    Kimberly McLeish Kimberly McLeish
    Gina Giannetti Gina Giannetti
    Sarah Carter Sarah Carter
    Vanessa Reyes Long Vanessa Reyes 
    Courtney Batchelor Courtney Batchelor
    Courtney Batchelor Courtney Batchelor
    Vanessa Reyes Long Vanessa Reyes
    Kristen Jones Kristen Jones
    Tanner Reichardt Tanner Reichardt
    Mike Szela Mike Szela
    Aaron Addison Aaron Addison
    Sean Hutchinson Sean Hutchinson
    Colin Burns Colin Burns
    Colin Burns Colin Burns



    Jeremy Reguerin Jeremy Reguerin
    77c 77c
    105b 105b
  • Hawaii's Elite

    Check out UFC fighters Louis Smolka and Russell Doane as they prepare for their weekend of fights on July 11th and 12th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Video by MMA Interviews

    Click here for full video


  • 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games

    We are proud to be apart of this year's Reebok CrossFit Games in Carson, California. You can find us at booth #67 all weekend long.

    Thursday 23rd 8am-7pm

    Friday 24th, 8am-7pm,

    Saturday 25th 8am-8pm

    Sunday 8am-5pm.

  • 2015 Race the Lake of the Sky

    2015 Race the Lake of the Sky - South Lake Tahoe, CA
    Visual recap of this amazing annual event held in Lake Tahoe California.
    ​Thanks to all of our VTEAM athletes and SUP family.
    Enjoy and see you next year!



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  • Vteam athlete Morghan King featured in FUEL

    VIRUS athlete Morghan King, 29, has awed the world with her impressive strength. The Seattle, Washington native stands at a petite five feet tall, and weighs only 109 lbs. We know not to underestimate her strength because King can lift up to 2x her own body weight. She has the ability to throw 220lbs above her head using the ‘clean and jerk’ move, a task not very many athletes (male or female) have been able to achieve.


    (King in the Women's BioCeramic Elevate Singlet (EAu12))

    King competes in the lightest female weight-class and relies on a high protein diet to help execute her competition goals. King’s diet consists of protein, veggies, and complex carbs for the proper fuel to keep her going throughout her two and a half hour training sessions that are held up to nine times a week. Some of King’s favorite meals consist of zesty garlic meatballs; eggs, bacon, and avocado; veggie omelets; and some hot-cakes prepared with protein and other strength-building supplements.

    We applaud King for executing her workout routines, and remaining loyal to her diet needs while training for the Champion title at the 2015 Weightlifting World Championships. Morghan King, shares the importance of maintaining a balanced diet for performance needs in the video FUEL: The Diet of 105lb Champion Weightlifter Morghan King.

  • Bell Helmets

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